Dress Code

Members and guests are required to meet the Club's dress code requirements at all times. Failure to comply may result in a request to leave the courts or refusal of service in the clubhouse.

Please note the following standards which must be met at all times.

Tennis Courts

Grass Courts

All white clothing is preferred but a minimum of either a top or bottom that is white, plus white socks, is required when playing on the Club's grass courts.

Hard Courts (En-tout-cas and Stadium)

White clothing is preferred but coloured clothing is permitted.

In addition the following is required on all courts:

  • All members and Guests shall wear approved tennis attire.
  • Male members and Guests shall wear a shirt with a collar and sleeve.
  • Leggings and compression clothing mayy only be worn under approved tennis attire.
  • Tennis shoes shall be those designed for tennis. Any shoe that is likely to cause damage to the surface of a tennis court shall not be worn. In particular, no shoe with a ripple or studded sole or with a raised heel shall be worn.
  • Tracksuits, jumpers and vests made for tennis are permitted.
  • No member or guest shall play tennis whilst wearing football, running, cycling, board, cargo, golf or walk shorts, leotards or other non-tennis clothes.
  • No advertising or lettering is to be visible on clothing excepting for the official KLTC logo or a manufacturer's logo.

Tennis Court Dress Code Flyer


All Areas

  • Male members and guests shall wear a shirt with a collar.
  • No caps or men's hats, men's open toed shoes or garments with advertising motifs (except as approved for tennis or squash clothing) are permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.
  • Torn or ripped clothes, even designer tears, are not acceptable clothing in the Clubhouse.

The Racquet Club and Members' Lounge

  • Smart casual clothing shall be worn.

The Hopman Bistro, BBQ Terrace and Members' Bar

  • Neat casual clothing or correct tennis attire shall be worn.

Clubhouse Dress Code Flyer