US College Pathway

US College Pathway

The Kooyong Foundation currently have an impressive 13 players on tennis scholarships in the USA. This has been an increasingly popular pathway for players to take and continue their tennis development after juniors whilst also having the opportunity to study and earn a university degree.

Josh Charlton who just finished his Junior (third) year at Oregon University is thriving in the college tennis environment. He’s been consistently ranked in singles and doubles in division 1 men’s tennis including reaching a high of 14 in singles and 8 in doubles.

“College for me has been really good so far, I’ve been in an environment where I have a lot of resources at my fingertips and am immersed in a professional culture. I’m getting exposure to a diverse range of opponents which I wouldn’t get anywhere else which is definitely good to keep building my game along with gaining many new experiences. Along with travelling to new places each week and dealing with different environments. I think my game has continued to improve while I’ve been here, and I always look forward to coming back to Melbourne over the break to represent the Yong and just overall keep improving to get to where I want to be. Along with great competition I think the academic side is very rewarding as well. There’s not many places where you can have the opportunity to succeed both on court and in the classroom. Even though the schedule is very intense it’s something that I think will pay off in the long run finishing as a better tennis player along with a University degree.”

Josh is one example of a young player excelling in the college environment and many more Foundation players are looking to follow this pathway and attain tennis scholarships in the coming years.

List of Foundation players on a tennis scholarship at a US College:
Josh Charlton – University of Oregon
Jeremy Taylor – University of Memphis
Corey Clarke – New Mexico State University
Connor Di Marco – University of Tulsa
Jasmin Starr - University of Texas San Antonio
Sophia Storch – University of Hawaii
Stefan Storch - Texas A&M University
Ted Williams - Campbell University
Ben Grumley - William Woods University
Grace Roberts - South Western College Kansas
Amy Stevens - Vanderbilt University 
Cooper White - University of Central Florida
Eloise Swarbrick – Middle Tennessee State University