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Our Club Sustainability Policy

The Club recognises that all of our activities bring people together with our natural environment and we acknowledge the importance of maintaining the environment so that our Members and the local community, both now and in the future, can continue to enjoy this great Club.


We pledge to embed environmental sustainability into the ongoing management of our Club. We all have a part to play in ensuring the protection of the environment for the benefit of all current and future generations.  

We shall monitor our performance on energy efficiency, waste management and water consumption and improve our performance in these areas to actively protect and conserve our natural environment.  We are committed to environmental sustainability through the following principles:

Minimal Impact

We will seek to minimise our impact on the environment by using water and energy efficient technologies, implementing effective recycling and waste management initiatives and reducing (and where appropriate offsetting) our carbon emissions.

Environmental Protection

We will ensure our activities have no adverse affect on the natural environment and we will encourage others to care for and protect it.


We will work with our Members, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders to educate them on environmental issues and assist them where possible with making positive changes.

Sustainable Procurement

We will seek to work with suppliers who have their own sustainability values embedded in their products and services and look for innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Continual Improvement

We will regularly measure our environmental impact of emissions, water and waste, seeking to reduce our impact on a per member, year on year basis.

Sustainability in action

The Club’s commitment to sustainability is evident across day-to-day operations which includes:


  • The clubhouse roof feeds water to storage tanks which supply clubhouse plumbing for flushing toilets throughout the building.
  • The Club maintains a licence to draw clean water from Gardiners Creek to a storage tank for use around the property for irrigation of gardens and watering of courts. Virtually all our irrigation requirements are met by pumping directly from the storage tank.

Waste Management
& Recycling

  • Paper, card, plastic and glass are separated from general waste for recycling.
  • Grass clippings and garden waste is collected and used to make mulch. In the height of summer this can equate to up to 12 cubic meters of waste not going into landfill.
  • All wastewater and machinery wash down is treated in a triple interceptor before being discharged.
  • Recycling bins are used within the kitchens.


  • All tennis court lights have been converted to energy efficient LED units.
  • Squash court lights have also been converted to LED.
  • Clubhouse lighting has been progressively changed to LED also.


The Beyond 2020 renovations included installation of solar panels on the roof of the building to reduce the club’s dependence on external power.

Cleaning Products

The cleaning chemicals introduced by Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club utilise more environmentally friendly ingredients. The core range of the Huntergreen cleaning chemicals have Good Environmental Choice Australia certifications.

Conversion From
Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics including straws, cutlery and take away containers have been replaced with paper, cardboard and bamboo alternatives

Green Waste

Grass clippings are sent to a recycling facility to be converted.

Kooyong Classic

The officials and ball kid uniforms for the Kooyong Classic were made from 100% recycled yarn derived from plastic bottles.

Drought Tolerant

Large areas of gardens have been planted with native plants that are drought tolerant and reduce the requirements for water.


Mulching maintains soil moisture, reduces watering and prevents weed seed germination, which compete with plants for moisture and nutrients.


The Club nursery propagates stocks for use around both the clubhouse and property garden beds.

Equipment Replacement
& Upgrades

Beyond 2020 delivered programs to replace equipment with energy efficient upgraded equipment.

Environment Alliance

Kooyong is a member of this not-for-profit organisation, which has a purpose of protecting and enhancing the natural environment of Australasia by promoting sustainability, sustainable development and regeneration in sporting organisations.

We respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club stands today the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.
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